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Why Vote Green?

Why should I vote for the Green Party in elections?


In recent years, many of us have been disillusioned with politics. When all the politicians in the media seem the same, it can be difficult to choose between them. And it’s hard to notice what’s changed even when you do.

But all elections matter. We face enormous national and global problems. The other mainstream parties have little new to offer. They won’t

  • take on the banks,
  • defend public services,
  • abolish student tuition fees,
  • address obscenely high pay and bonuses
  • address climate change

The Green Party is  

* the only party of peace and environmental action, and have always been anti-war

* the only party to oppose Heathrow expansion on principle, not expediency.

* the only party that supports renewble energy

* the only party that is genuinely concerned about inequality

* the only party that put ordinary poeple's interests above those of big business

The Green Party has radical new ideas on the economy, welfare, health, housing and education. When we are voted into office, we make a real difference for the better, as shown by our members of the European Parliament, the London Assembly and the Scottish Parliament.

And we are popular with small businesses too – in the last election for London Mayor, the Federation of Small Businesses gave its support to the Green Party candidate, Siân Berry.

All of the main parties have been tainted by the expenses scandal. On the other hand, Green Party politicians have been absolutely above board in their behaviour. Our MP, Dr Caroline Lucas, has been made the Observer’s Ethical Politician of the Year not once – but twice.

So if you want a fairer, more equal society which puts people and the planet before profit, use your voice in alll elections. Vote Green!

To see our fully-costed policies, visit: http://www.greenparty.org.uk/

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