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Thank you for visiting our site.

Hopefully you have seen one of our recent Heathrow‎ leaflets, and perhaps you share our concern about the polluting, noisy menace that threatens to blight our community: an expanded Heathrow.

A government consultation (albeit a poorly constructed, biased one) is under way, and your responses could help keep this project grounded.

What bothers you the most? The prospect of night flights keeping you awake? London's killer air pollution? The huge taxpayer subsidy for new road and rail links? Or the reality of devastating climate change?

Here is a link to the consultation, and here is a comprehensive demolition of the Government's case by Airport Watch1‎. Please fill it in and send a strong message that Heathrow should not expand.

We strongly encourage you to formulate your own responses, but in case it's helpful, here are some of the themes we drew out.

The Green Party acknowledges there will always be a place for flying in the modern world. People need to visit family, plus occasional ‎foreign travel allows us to experience new cultures. But there is already ample airport capacity in the UK.

The choice that is often presented, that Heathrow must expand or close, is not true. ‎And if we do let it expand, we will be speeding up the global warming that is already responsible for millions of deaths worldwide while blighting our own community with noise and air pollution. We can still avoid consigning our whole planet to chaos and destruction, but only if we take sensible steps like stopping Heathrow expansion.

Please complete the consultation, then join the Green Party to help us shape a modern economy that works for the common good.

(1 Airport Watch is not affiliated with the Green Party of England and Wales)