On Saturday 13th May, together with thirteen other London boroughs, Ealing chased away a giant fossil fuel monster from their Council as part of a Global Divestment Mobilisation calling on institutions to divest from fossil fuels.

Following the historic commitment to divesting from fossil fuels pledged by both Waltham Forest and Southwark councils, campaigners from Ealing are calling for their boroughs to “clean up our council: kick out fossil fuels”.

A fossil fuel monster travelled to Ealing, arriving at 12 noon on Saturday 13th May as part of a London-wide coordinated action. through the city via bike, tube and bus as local campaigners chase fossil fuels away from 14 different boroughs. Ealing has £60,800,000 invested in fossil fuels.

The divestment campaign group 350.org and Ealing Green Party say:

“If it’s wrong to wreck the climate, it’s wrong for our universities, pension funds, places of worship, cities, museums and banks to profit from that wreckage.”

Campaigners from 26 London boroughs also signed an open letter to the Collective Investment Vehicle, the new pension pool for London Councils, demanding a fossil free pension fund.

The divestment monster at Ealing Town Hall

Members of Ealing Green Party including candidates for Ealing North, Meena Hans (left of picture) and Ealing Southall, Peter Ward (right of picture) with Ealing Friends of the Earth protest about Ealing Council’s investment in fossil fuels.

For more information please email divestwf@gmail.com or contact Kirstie McLachlan of Ealing Green Party on 07866 747230