Ealing Council: quietly backing noisy Heathrow?

1 November 2016


On Sunday 30th Oct, Ealing Transition held a very well attended public meeting on air pollution with Professor Frank Kelly of Kings College London as the main speaker.

Leader of Ealing Council, Julian Bell, was present and also spoke. One questioner asked why, if he was so concerned about air pollution, he was supporting Heathrow expansion. Bell denied it said and he opposed expansion. But he then said he had asked Heathrow for £150 million to mitigate against the air pollution and other impacts if the third runway went ahead.

Peter Ward, Chair of Ealing Green Party said: "Asking Heathrow for money if they build a third runway is a very odd way of opposing expansion. It is also extremely naïve. Throwing some money at Ealing will do almost nothing to offset the effect of another 220,000 planes every year. Furthermore, Heathrow will simply use Ealing as evidence of public support for a third runway while being under no obligation to fulfil any promise they make. Any mitigation or compensation for a third runway will be determined by central government, not by cosy chats with council leaders. If Julian Bell is really opposed to Heathrow expansion, he should join the consortium of councils who are opposing a third runway and add Ealing's name to the legal action being planned."

Please write to your local MP or councillor asking for them to publicly and actively oppose Heathrow expansion.  Then join us to help run a proper, sustainable campaign on the future of aviation.

Contact ealinggreenparty@gmail.com