Ealing Green Party

Local Issues

Ealing Green Party follows, comments and campaigns on a wide range of issues in the Borough of Ealing.

We listen carefully to the concerns of local people but we also are mindful of our responsibilities to the wider world and our common future.

Here are just some of the local issues we have been addressing at public meetings, in the media, at public inquiries, etc:       

Warren Farm (Ealing council giving away your land)

Libraries. news item .. news item

Riots news item

HS2 (High speed rail) news item

Gunnersbury Park (see earlier news item .. news item .. news item )

Ealing town centre (see earlier news item .. news item )

Ealing's open spaces. Greenspace strategy .. earlier news item

Ealing hospital (see earlier news item )

Southall gasworks scheme (see earlier news item .. but Boris Johnson, Conservative Mayor of London , has over-ruled Ealing councillors)

Southall biofuel plant (see earlier news item .. news item .. news item)





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