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Good results for Greens at locals and Euros

The Green Party continued to make solid progress in the local elections of May 2014.


Green Party candidates got more votes than LibDems in all these wards: Acton Central, Cleveland, Ealing Broadway, East Acton, Elthorne (partial) Greenford Green, Hanger Hill, Hobbayne, Lady Margaret, Northfield, Norwood Green, Norwood Green, Perivale, South Acton and Walpole. Only in Southfield, Ealing Common and Elthorne (partial) did LibDems poll more than Greens. It is no coincidence that in all these wards the LibDems already had councillors (and good ones).


From the way the media reported it, you would have thought UKIP had won power. As Jenny Jones, Green Party member the Greater London Assembly said, "The only place where UKIP have taken power is at the BBC". In all wards where both Greens and UKIP stood except Lady Margaret, Greens got more votes than UKIP. 


The Greens also did well in Europe. Our London Member of the European Parliemment (MEP), Jean Lambert, was returned as was the MEP for southeast England, Keith Taylor. In the southwest, a Green MEP was elected for the first time - economist Molly Scott Cato.




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