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Democracy is not just about individual elections. It's about the entire democratic process. That's why the referedum on Alternative Vote was important and that is why we have left our comments on this web page (below).

It is also why the Government attempts to stop campaign groups - who represent ordinary people - with its 'Gagging Bill' is so sinister. See newspaper comment quoting Green MP Caroline Lucas.         

Democracy is also about engaging in local policies and decision-making. Local people have real power - there are many examples where council policies and stances on planning applications have been changed because of local concerns. The Green Party follows closely local issues and can help individuals have more influence on Ealing council.    


Alternative Vote - 2011

On 5th May 2011 there was a referendum on the alternative vote (AV) system. This was a golden opportunity to increase voter interest and enhance democracy. But it was opposed and even sabotaged by a campaign of mis-information by the Conservatives. See earlier articles:
campaign story
call to vote
referendum result.

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