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The cuts are ideological. That was made clear by the loud cheering from MPs when the savage cuts were announced in the House of Commons. Those cheers were described as "offensive".

Green Party policy is to pay off the deficit over a longer period than the ConLib's 4 years, thereby mininising the threat of recession.

Green Party policy is also to pay off the debt by means other than cutting public services. This might sound a tall order, but actually it is not. Look at this.

The ConLib proposed cuts to public services are £38 billion pa.

The Green Party manifesto includes the following:    

• Abolish upper limit for NI contributions - £9bn pa.
• Crack down on tax avoidance/evasion - £13bn pa
• Fair aviation taxes (VAT and fuel tax equivalent) - £10bn pa
• Introduce VAT exemption in place of zero rating for financial services and betting - £6bn

If these were collected, they would pay for all the ConLib's public service cuts.

And that's before dealing with bankers' bonuses (estimated £7bn this year) and Trident (£100bn over its lifetime)!

This demonstrates that the ConLib cuts are not necessary or "unavoidable". They are ideological.



30 November 2017


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