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Ward Forums are a useful way of finding out what’s happening, or might happen, in your local area or ‘ward’. The following is what Ealing Council says about Ward Forums:

“Ward forums give you the chance to have your say on the local issues that are important to you.

Wards are neighbourhoods that are made up of a cluster of streets in an area. In Ealing, wards are arranged along the 23 council voting boundaries.

Led by ward councillors, the 23 forums feature joint problem solving on local concerns, including discussions on issues such as community safety, traffic and transport schemes, parks and street improvements. 

With an annual budget of £37,500, each forum combines the collective local knowledge of residents and ward councillors to recommend local improvement projects to benefit their ward.

Information on council services, forthcoming consultations and events that affect your ward are also provided.

Forums are open to all Ealing residents, meeting at least three times a year in informal and accessible local venues.”

To get meeting dates and other details of each of the Ward Forums, see the council web site: http://www.ealing.gov.uk/info/200916/ward_forums



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